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Alistair Wery

Alistair here - the person behind the online chat - and everything else to do with Korean Horizons!  Actually, I started this company many years ago - back in 2004; and have been working solidly here ever since!  

That picture is the much younger version of me :)

Absolutely love my job.  I came here to Korea whilst travelling.  Back then I was in NZ, although I'm obviously from England; and I was working on a farm (wearing a straw hat) - came across an advert in the newspaper to teach here & I've been here ever since!

These days, I work purely for KH - which includes everything from marketing, to speaking to prospective teachers, to assisting them with their interviews, going through mock-interviews, assisting with the visa process, and I (in most cases) meet everyone at the airport.

The business really has done well; and this website is actually really new (it's been revamped); to include a blog!  And this blog really is for everyone; even if you are not a teacher with KH, you can blog - simply register & then blog-away!  You can write about anything as long as it is Korea related.

And for me; I'm going to write somethings here and there about issues which others may find useful.

If you want to contribute - feel free; you are more than welcome.  

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