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Michael Goonan

My name is Michael and I'm originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA.  I'm currently teaching in Nampyeong (a small town in Jeollanamdo between Naju and Gwangju), Korea is my latest stop on a journey that has involved living in 5 foreign countries and visiting 24 and counting.  Starting in 2015, I have lived in the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Australia for 3 months each, and taught in the Czech Republic for a year.  Living in Korea is my first long-term experience in Asia, having previously studied Eastern Philosophy in Taipei, Taiwan during university.


In addition to travel and teaching, I enjoy playing and listening to music, hiking, cycling, and investigating the human condition!  was a philosophy major who never gave up the "love of wisdom."


You can follow my adventures, old and new, at http://www.adventuresofmike.net or simply http://goonan.us/.