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Gooverseas 2018 Community Choice Awards

Alistair Wery

I am please to announce that Korean Horizons has won 3 categories in the 2018 Gooverseas Community Choice Awards.


Gooverseas is a website which stores reviews on teaching positions, TEFL courses, study abroad programs, and reviews on a range of other programs designed to give information to the internationally inclined audience.  This year is the 1st year Gooverseas has recognized the very best in each category. Winners were chosen by their 1,000,000+ strong community, based solely on their program reviews, across all countries and all programs.

Within the Teach Abroad Category, Korean Horizons came :

  • Best Benefits Provided  -1st Prize
  • Best Support Provided  - 2nd Prize
  • Best Facilities Provided - 3rd Prize
  • Best Safety Provided - 3rd Prize

Korean Horizons was the only Korean company selected.  Our very own teachers have reviewed us very favorably and we currently have 98% over 79 reviews.

I'm very happy that we are getting the recognition that we deserve :)


11 months ago