Meet Some of Our Teachers
  • The most helpful, the most professional - the best!

    Korean Horizons is the only company I would recommend. The application process for teaching in Korea seemed extremely daunting but Alistair was helpful and supportive throughout the entire experience. He takes the time to walk you through each stage and even helps you prepare for interviews. He made himself available to me through my many anxious moments and his calm and pragmatic approach really helped to make the entire process less painful. The best part of my experience with Korean Horizons was the effort, dedication and most of all, the care Alistair shows new recruits. I am teaching through the GOE program and Alistair picked up all the new recruits from the airport. He took us to dinner and spent the next two days with us making sure we got from point A to B and completed all our assessments. Korean Horizons is not required to do any of this and the same service was not provided to people who come through different recruitment companies. I believe that true character and intent is shown in the way you treat others when you have nothing to gain. A true testament to the ethos of Korean Horizons was when Alistair basically took on new recruits who came through other companies and provided them with the same service and care he showed his own. If you want to come to Korea, use Korean Horizons, you won't regret it.