Meet Some of Our Teachers
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    HELLO ALISTAIR! I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR MY PLACEMENT! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT/ ADORE IT HERE! :) I love the school too! We're currently building a new facility. A gym and a cafe, so it’ll be ready by March! :) Things are going well, settling into my apartment, settling into school, learning about how things are working here, slowly taking everything in. My apartment is very cozy. My co-teacher is amazing. She’s so helpful and super nice! :D I have a wonderful impression of the students and the teachers, principle, vice principle. I haven't spoken to them much, but they seem to welcome me a lot! :) I've heard that 5th and 6th graders are a handful, so I'm just bracing myself for them. Haha Even though my contract is for a year, I’m thinking of extending it already! haha i know it’s still early to say, but what I really wanna say is I love it here! :) I'm situated in a really convenient area and everything is like walking distance. School is about 20 minutes away (4 subway stops and a quick 6 minute walk). Let’s please keep in touch! :) Mary and I were just talking about how professional and caring you are. How you don't just "hire us" but you really get to know us, and place us in great schools. I'm REALLY full of gratitude. Thinking about, a month ago, I was desperately applying for Hagwons, and a month later, here i am sitting at my desk in KOREA (and NOT working in a hagwon!! :) I really can't thank you enough!! :) With Gratitude,