How To Apply

Teach English in a Public School in South Korea

Employment Process

ALL APPLICANTS MUST be a citizen from the USA, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. Applicants from any other country cannot teach English in South Korea.
You must hold a Bachelor degree in order to apply.

Government Public School Employment Process

Stage 1 Fill out an online application form or send your resume to We will then contact you. If you do not receive a confirmation, please check your junk email folder file.

Stage 2 For these positions you will need to provide the following:

1.Application form (EPIK) (Chungnam) (Gyeongnam). Please note that GEPIK (Gyeongi) has now joined EPIK. South African citizens are now required to submit proof that 10 years of their education was taught in English. This must be included with the Application form.

2.Scan of your passport.

3.Scan of your Bachelor degree. With the exception of the Gyeongnam program, if your major is not in education or if you don't have a master in education or if you don't have a teaching license; you will also need a TEFL/TESOL of at least 100hrs. As long as you have the commitment to complete this, you can apply.

4.Scan of 2 reference letters.

These are the recruitment requirements for all public schools in South Korea. A skype video interview will be arranged with you and the supervisor from the office of education. All information will be provided to you.

Stage 3 When both parties agree you will need to send the following to our office :

1.Notarized copy of your Bachelor with an apostille (Canadian citizens need it to be validated by the nearest Korean consulate.)

2. Scan of your teaching license / TEFL / TESOL or proof of enrollment letter if applicable.

3.Two university transcripts in sealed university envelopes.

4.Two references letters that you emailed in stage 2.

5.Criminal background check for your entire country, notarized with an apostille (Canadian citizens need it to be validated by their consulate.)

Stage 4 The office of education will then send you your physical employment contract & notice of appointment via recorded delivery to the address submitted on your resume.

Stage 5 Contact your local Korean consulate & take or send the following :

1.Employment contract & notice of appointment.


3.Copy of passport.


5.Fee ($45USD, $78CAD, 154GBP, $144AUD, $84NZD, 840Rands.)

Stage 6 The consulate will retain the above for up to 5 business days & send (if you provide a prepaid envelope) your teaching visa back to you.

Stage 7 Book & purchase a flight to Korea, either Seoul/Incheon or Pusan/Gimhae. The flight allowance is 1,300,000 won. If your flight is less than that, you keep the difference, if it is more, you need to pay the extra.

Stage 8 Arrive in South Korea. We will meet you at the airport & provide you with free accomodation for the evening. The next day, we will professionally escort you to your school and give you an introduction package.
Throughout your entire contract, we will always be here to assist you.