Meet Some of Our Teachers
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    I have never been the kind of person to give my whole-hearted trust to someone from the start. So you can imagine that applying to work overseas through an internet based company at first , to me, seemed a bit sketchy. My first correspondences with Alistair were hesitant to say the least. It felt so awkward communicating with someone over a computer screen. Is this person who they say they are? Will this company do what they say they will do? It wasnt long before my skepticism for Korean Horizons and Alistair soon dissipated. Every email that I sent to Alistair, even ones that seemed trivial, were met with immediate response, sincerity and accuracy. So much that it seemed that I was the only one the company was working with. Far from the truth. Upon arrival in Korea, I was met with 20+ other teachers who Alistair must have given the same service to, if not more. I was quite impressed. Upon meeting Alistair in person, he presented himself with a coolness, a calmness, yet, an air of professionalism that far exceeded my expectations. And when he says that the company will work with you even after arrival and school placement, he isnt fibbing. Almost immediately, I was met with some contradictions and hardships. With no one else to turn to, I contacted Korean Horizons and they came to my rescue with the swiftness. And I am still in contact with Alistair to this day. Any problems I may foresee in the future, I have absolutely no doubt that he and his company will be there to help. Because of his assistance, my transition into a foreign life and culture has been close to seamless. I am now living in a comfortable apartment and teaching at a great school with wonderful and caring co-teachers. I look back on my initial correspondences with Alistair and laugh at how untrusting I was of his organization. They really came through for me and I can honestly and proudly say that Korean Horizons has gained my trust. I feel honored and lucky to have been a part of Korean Horizons and their recruitment process and have met many interesting and knowledgeable teachers through this same company. So, if you are thinking of going through Alistair and Korean Horizons, what are you waiting for? You wont be disappointed..or left in the dark! Thank you Alistair for all you have done. Please continue to do what you do. You are alright with me! Sincerely,

    Robert H. Glenn