Meet Some of Our Teachers
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    Hi A, You should know in future my emails to you will be a lot more informal! I should've emailed you last night already, whoops, but I was too busy unpacking and moving furniture around! Now I need to go and buy some food (boy, I'm gonna have a pig out later today!!) and other tit bits. I eventually got to the apartment 5pm yesterday. It is spacious, modern, airy, and very pretty - and I love the quaintness of it all! hahaha Oh, nice views as well - mountain at the back windows, and river/vegetation/city at the side. At this point I will travel to school in the morning with another teacher that lives in the same building. Getting home ... dunno yet, eeeeek o_0 Mr Kim is very nice and sweet, and being very helpful at this point. His English is a tad limited though! hehe But I just breathe, smile and say: let's try again. Works like a charm =) The other staff at the school seem nice too, the TA's were all very excited to see/meet me - they seem like lovely girls. I knew Westerners get stared at, and a lot of my friends in the East said that I would fit right in looks/dress sense wise, but everyone at school seems completely mesmerized by my appearance - they commented on my hair, eyes, and size LOL! (Personally I find the fascination endlessly amusing) Oh, and everyone keeps asking me if I'm married?! The classroom is modern and fully equipped, although I was only there for 3mins, so didn't have time to check out the computer files or books or anything. School was already out when we got there, so didn't get to meet the kids. Basically we went for lunch (which was DELICIOUS btw) when we got to Yangsan, then a brief visit to school, then dropped my luggage at the apartment where Mr Kim also showed me how things like the microwave/aircon/floor heating/washing machine etc works, then to the hospital for my medical. So still a lot of admin waiting. Dunno how the first couple of days/week is going to work, the only thing I have decided at this point is my first 'lesson' will be class rules, and establishing their English ability. OH, THANK YOU for the great starter pack!! Can't wait to get reading! Handy stuff! It is so ironic - I was very tired by the afternoon yesterday, and then last night - WIDE AWAKE, I only fell asleep by 11PM SOUTH AFRICAN TIME!! Clearly my body clock is completely messed up now, hahahaha. So I only woke up about an hour ago, which was 7am SA time, tsk tsk (yes, those would be my bed time and rise time back home) Anyway, just wanted to give you the load down. Ok, lemme get out and about. Thanks for everything!