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  • Korean Horizons Testimonial

    With endless possibilities lying across the Pacific Ocean, I left Los Angeles, bound for Korea, and the opportunities which awaited me here. Having experienced the teaching landscape of Korea before, I was eager to return, aided by the guidance of Korean Horizons. It was not only the expertise and professionalism which attracted me to Alistair and his company, but moreover the personal level of attention, coupled with an honest opinion about the academic climate and culture of Korea. From the intricacies of the employment application, to the scheduling of placements, Korean Horizons provided me with timely and reliable information, all of which culminated with the fruition of my current job here in the Land of the Morning Calm! On a daily basis, I am reminded of the benefits which teaching abroad provides, both through my experiences within Korea, taking me from the peak of Jiri-San to the waves of the East Sea; as well as my ventures to other Asian countries, traveling and experiencing a multitude of cultures, from the bamboo forests of Japan to the concrete jungles of Hong Kong. Korea acts as a catalyst for the self, helping you find direction in a landscape which never ceases to amaze. I am grateful to Korean Horizons for helping me reach this stage of my life, as I continue along the journey..

    Matthew Jellick