Meet Some of Our Teachers
  • I'm lucky!

    Hi Alistair, We met at last. Thank you so much for making all the arrangements and for making everything possible for me to be over here. I was talking to people at orientation because some had to hike a mile to get to orientation with their bags...some had to wait for hours at the airport...some said their recruiter totally screw them over. I'm just so thankful that you have been right for me there every step of the way. I knew I was in great hands...but hearing these stories, I appreciate you so much more. =) I really enjoyed orientation. I learned a lot and met really great people. Laura and I have become fast friends. I'm excited to see what adventure awaits. My co-teacher seems really nice. We will start our language exchange lesson this thursday and before you know it, I can converse with you in Korean =P I'm gotta get ready for my intro lesson tomorrow. Thanks again for everything. I'll keep you posted. =)

    Thao Trinh